March 9, 2018

Like our homes, our workplaces are also an exceptional way of expressing ourselves. Every minor detail ranging from color of walls of your office to the choice of furniture pieces expresses a lot about nature of your business and how you are handing it.

If you are looking to freshen up the look of your executive offices, stylize your conference rooms, make workstations of your employees more comfortable and brighten up your meeting rooms then you must know that something interesting is being contributed to the world of office furniture by AenZay Architects and Interiors in the form of revolutionized designs and trends.

AenZay Interiors and Architects have come a long way in furniture des...

June 15, 2016

Every system has the structural skeleton on which all the function depends. The same case is with the human body, the spinal cord which belongs to our nervous system is responsible for the skeletal balance in the body. The disorder in this system is come from the way to sit. Its mean that key factor for the back pain is our most of the time to spend on chair. The structural formation of the chair is very important for this purpose because most of the workers in offices spend bulk of hours on it to complete the schedule task. The important part of the office is’s bitter truth that the official machinery become the victims of back pain after hectic consumption of time on the c...

March 27, 2016

While sitting on chairs in offices, our spine can maintain a natural posture without lower back support by the office chair but the standard tendency of employees when sitting for a long period is different. The Lazy posture pushes the lower back out, which strains the lower back and leg muscles.

When sitting on #officechair, a good lumbar back support should be comfortable enough to relax the spine. Many portable lumbar back supports are made according to the shape of lumbar. With correct placement, a lumbar back support should be beneficial as following;

  • Shoulders and hips should be aligned

  • Lower spine should be curved naturally

It is necessary that the back be flush, b...