January 2, 2018

A smart office is a concept that is developed by understanding and embracing the new standards of an interconnected and agiler workforce. Building a smart workplace requires productive approach and smart thinking. Whether it’s a technological advancement or equipment, all the parts of a smart office must fully support the needs and requirements of the individuals. The business world of today is more aware and conscious of the needs of a workplace and productivity and efficiency matters the most. The primary objective of building a smart office is to increase the productivity of the workplace by making the workforce feel more at ease. Office furniture which includes tables, desks, execu...

March 27, 2016

While sitting on chairs in offices, our spine can maintain a natural posture without lower back support by the office chair but the standard tendency of employees when sitting for a long period is different. The Lazy posture pushes the lower back out, which strains the lower back and leg muscles.

When sitting on #officechair, a good lumbar back support should be comfortable enough to relax the spine. Many portable lumbar back supports are made according to the shape of lumbar. With correct placement, a lumbar back support should be beneficial as following;

  • Shoulders and hips should be aligned

  • Lower spine should be curved naturally

It is necessary that the back be flush, b...