March 9, 2018

Like our homes, our workplaces are also an exceptional way of expressing ourselves. Every minor detail ranging from color of walls of your office to the choice of furniture pieces expresses a lot about nature of your business and how you are handing it.

If you are looking to freshen up the look of your executive offices, stylize your conference rooms, make workstations of your employees more comfortable and brighten up your meeting rooms then you must know that something interesting is being contributed to the world of office furniture by AenZay Architects and Interiors in the form of revolutionized designs and trends.

AenZay Interiors and Architects have come a long way in furniture des...

November 25, 2017

In the age of technology, there are several platforms from where you can buy the office furniture. You can visit the stores or the online website to select the product that will fit the interior of your office.

However, you have to be careful during the selection of the store whether it is online or not. There are many fake retailers in the industry and they will deliver the low-quality items that will waste your time and money. Workspace is a reliable online platform and here is why.


Workspace has a team of innovative and creative designers that have been working to design the best office furniture. All their products have been ergonomically designed to assure that the employee...

October 13, 2017

Buying new furniture for the office can be overwhelming and fun. Selecting the office furniture is trickier than buying the office supplies because there are many factors to consider. The trend of cubic harsh workspace with the dull furniture has long gone.

Now the employees are looking for something attractive that will enhance the personality and look of their interior. Here we have some of the famous office furniture trends in Pakistan that you should look out for.

Ergonomic design

Now the designers are serious about the ergonomics of the office furniture because the cases of lower back pain are increasing in the workspace environment. The ergonomically designed furniture will support...

December 28, 2016

Most of the work we do in office is by sitting on the office chair. Thus, it has become very important that we understand the type of chairs that we are providing to our customers. The Office chairs should be selected with proper care so that they will not cause health issues to the workers and thus enhance the productivity of the business.

This is the reason that ergonomic chairs gaining importance in the workplace environment. So here we have for you the benefits of the ergonomic computer chairs that will help you understand that why you should prefer them.

Supportive to the posture

The traditional staff chairs were one of the maj