Office Chairs with Lumbar Support

March 27, 2016


While sitting on chairs in offices, our spine can maintain a natural posture without lower back support by the office chair but the standard tendency of employees when sitting for a long period is different. The Lazy posture pushes the lower back out, which strains the lower back and leg muscles.

When sitting on #officechair, a good lumbar back support should be comfortable enough to relax the spine. Many portable lumbar back supports are made according to the shape of lumbar. With correct placement, a lumbar back support should be beneficial as following;

  • Shoulders and hips should be aligned

  • Lower spine should be curved naturally

It is necessary that the back be flush, because this is support for the lower back. Overall, the lumbar back support of a an office chair (computer chair, staff chair, manager chair, executive chair, task chair, visitor chair) should keep the spine in a very natural position.

Ergonomic computer Chair Options:


Office chairs have different options available in ergonomic lumbar support;

Ergonomic office chair: There are a number of ergonomic chairs those come with comfortable lumbar support built in the chair. For testing the office chair, the user should sit up straight with the aligned head, spine, and buttocks. Then sit all the way back against the seat back. The curve of the ergonomic office chair should naturally follow the curve of the lower back.

Adjustable back support office/ computer chair:  Many office chairs have a seat back that can adjusted upward and downward.  The adjustable seat back should be positioned so that the curve of the lower spine is supported by the curve in the back of the chair. In case of multiple users, seat back support can be adjusted according to the seating position of every individual.

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