What do people think while buying office furniture: price or comfort?

January 30, 2017

It has been observed that people more inclined towards price instead of comfort while buying office furniture in Pakistan. Ergonomics which matters alot in comfort during work hours. Office chairs plays a vital role to avoid stress, strain and fatigue while sitting for 08 long hours. But employers, purchase managers and procurement officers always go for price and compromise over employees health and relaxation. 

We need to face the fact that employees are more important than the small capital amount invested on their functional being. Buying an ordinary desk with straight back computer chair can save few thousand rupees but can also risk the productivity and morale of the employees. Just replacing a straight computer chair with ergonomically designed office chair can simply do some magic. This small step leads towardsa feeling of importance that employers do care and also want productivity by providing comfort on the work space.


The above chart can clearly define the role of ergonomically designed furniture and its importance at a healthy workspace. It depicts the pros and cons of using ordinary furniture and ergonomically designed office furniture. Now it's your choice that you prefer few bucks over the comfort and health of your employees.

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