Re-Define your Workplace

January 30, 2018

One of the biggest challenges today's startups and enterprenuers faces is the selection of Right office furniture. Now a days it's not about aesthetics only, it's also relates to productivity too. Choosing the right office furniture especially chair where employees has to sit for 08 hours without any fatigue. Another issue is to select the furniture according to hierarchy, for example an executive chair for boss which must have the high back and broad shape executive table. Second is for middle management which must have mid backs and mid size office table. And the last but not the least is staff chair for general employees with office desk or staff tables.


Another challenge is to give appropriate seating to the visitors in shape of sofa sets and visitor chairs. A Modern or unique reception desk is also their need. Now comes the ergonomics part where avoiding Fatigue and increasing productivity is the main objective. Selection of international standard sized furniture with BIFMA or any other equivalent certification may help you getting the comfortable and fatigue free office furniture. 


Finally, aesthetics comes where office table and office chair must merge with overall environment and colors must be reflecting the company's brand and identity. 


So, it is equally important to Re-Define your Workplaces with changing corporate environment to stay ahead of the competition.

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